thyroid treatment, but better


We specialize in treatment for thyroid and certain endocrine disorders using progressive methodologies to give patients their lives back. We believe that a patient's symptoms, not just lab results, should guide treatment.

What We Treat: Hypothyroidism, Hyperthyroidism, Hashimoto’s Disease, Graves Disease, fatigue, symptoms associated to menopause, menstrual disorders, hormonal imbalances, hormone replacement, treatment after thyroidectomy

What We Do Not Treat: primary care concerns, Lupus, MS, molds or heavy metal toxicity, parathyroid, psychiatric disorders (including depression and anxiety that is unrelated to thyroid condition), SIBO or gut-only conditions, or pain management.


Our Practice

From founder McCall McPherson:

Modern Thyroid Clinic was born simply out of deep need. I was repeatedly seeing patients who had spent hours & hours researching their unresolved or undiagnosed hypothyroid symptoms. Each week patients would say, “Do you know how long it took me to find you?” I’m not ok with that. I’ve been the person desperately searching for relief of my own fatigue and brain fog - living in my pajamas. I remember getting on a three-month wait list in hopes the doctor could help me, but not even being sure. Years later, I know now that there are millions of people suffering just like I was. Unnecessarily suffering. I want Modern Thyroid Clinic to be a place for those people: women, men, mothers, grandmothers and children.

There’s hope, believe me. We want to take away the barriers of treatment. We want to become a place that people can easily find for help. But we also want them to be able to get in sooner, rather than later, without having to wait. For this reason, we are training other like-minded clinicians in our methodology of treatment. We are replicating what we do to expand access for as many people possible because I know first hand what it's like to get your life back.

It’s really that simple; we are dedicated to giving people with hypothyroidism their lives back. Come see us and let us help you get yours back.

Our goal is simple - to give people their lives back.

Our Method

We take a functional medicine approach to thyroid treatment. Though we individualize treatment for each patient, our general standards include a full round of detailed thyroid labs. We listen. We frequently and almost always use medications which include some T3, whether in the form of natural desiccated thyroid or compounded, as we have found those to be the most successful in garnering true symptom relief. We tailor treatment to each patient's needs according to their labs and the symptoms they are experiencing. We value the input of our patients and emphasize getting them relief from their symptoms, not just correcting their lab values.