How to Get Your Labs Done & Appointment Preparation

Lab Guide / Appt Preparation Doc

The following information contains everything you need to know about getting your labs drawn and how to prepare for your lab review appointment.

STEP ONE:  Have your labs drawn AT LEAST 2 weeks prior to your appointment.  Certain tests can take longer than others, so we need plenty of time to ensure that we have all of your results before your appointment.

STEP TWO:  On the day you get labs done, take your thyroid medication in the morning as usual and then get your blood drawn according to your medication type below:

  • Armour Thyroid, Nature-Throid, NP Thyroid, WP Thyroid, Westroid, compounded sustained release meds:  3-4 hours later.

  • Cytomel / Liothyronine (not compounded): 2-3 hours later.

  • Synthroid / Levothyroxine / Tirosint: This is very flexible; you can get blood drawn any time of day after taking meds.

STEP THREE:  The day before your appointment, watch THIS VIDEO that explains how your thyroid works.  It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!  This will help you understand some of the information we will discuss. Even if this is your 2nd or 3rd lab appointment, it’s still a good idea to review it.

STEP FOUR:  If you are getting female hormones tested and still have a menstrual cycle, you’ll need to get your labs done on day 21 of your cycle. Day 1 is the first day of your period. If your day 21 falls on a Saturday or Sunday, please get your labs done on day 20 or day 22 but anything after that will need to wait until your next cycle and your next day 21. If you do not have a menstrual cycle, then you don’t have to go on day 21, any day will be OK for you.

STEP FOUR:  A copy of your lab results will be posted in your patient portal.  Look over and compare your results to our preferred ranges below.  Please bring a copy with you to your appointment or have one on hand if you are scheduled for a virtual or phone visit.

  • TSH: always less than 2; ideally closer to 1 and sometimes even less than 1.

  • Free T4:  0.8 – 1.2

  • Free T3:  3.4 – 3.9

  • Reverse T3:  Always less 15; ideally less than 12.

  • TPO Antibodies: Less than 34; ideally less than 14

  • Thyroglobulin Antibodies: Less than 1

STEP FIVE:  Look over the graphs below and keep them handy during your visit so you can see how your thyroid and medication work.

STEP SIX: Prepare your questions for our appointment! This will allow you and your provider to make the most of your time together and have the most impact on your health! 

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