New Patient Instructions

Thank you for choosing Modern Thyroid Clinic.  To book an appointment with one of our providers please follow all of the directions below to setup an account on our system and complete our new patient paperwork:

STEP ONE: Decide Which Provider you Want to See

STEP TWO: New Patient Registration / Patient Portal Setup

STEP THREE: Account Verification

  • You’ll receive an emailed link from our system.

  • Click on the link to verify and log in to your portal account.

STEP FOUR:  Profile Picture


  • Upload a PROFILE PICTURE so we’ll know who to look for at your first appointment.

  • You can skip the insurance info since we do not file claims and won’t need it.

STEP FIVE:  New Patient Intake Forms

  • Be prepared to spend a little extra time filling out these forms; you can save your progress and come back to them later, as needed.


  • Complete all of the forms listed under NEW PATIENT QUESTIONNAIRES.

  • Complete all of the forms listed under NEW PATIENT CONSENT FORMS & POLICY AGREEMENTS.

  • Yes, you MUST complete the MEDICARE form, even if you are not a Medicare patient, because it informs you that we do not accept Medicare and by law you must acknowledge that you are aware of that.

  • Do not fill out any other forms listed for established patients.

STEP SIX:  Pharmacies

  • Click on MY PHARMACIES.

  • Add a REGULAR pharmacy and a COMPOUNDING pharmacy (yes, 2 pharmacies) where you would like for us to send your prescriptions.

  • Compounding pharmacies make speciality medications such as hormones, like testosterone or progesterone.

STEP SEVEN:  Past Medical Documents

  • Click on LABS & DOCUMENTS

  • You can upload any past medical documents that you would like to share with your provider but please limit your records to those within the last 18 months only. If your provider needs more info, they’ll request for it.

STEP EIGHT: Book your Appointment

  • After you have completed ALL of the above steps and paperwork, call our office at (512) 368-9171 to book your appointment.