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Our goal is simple, to give people with hypothyroidism their lives back.

From co-founder McCall McPherson:

Modern Thyroid Clinic is a division of Modern Medicine and was born simply out of deep need.  I was repeatedly seeing patients who had spent 40 hours researching help for their unresolved or undiagnosed hypothyroid symptoms. Often they would fly across the country or drive clear across the state in hopes I could help them.  Each week patients would say the words, “Do you know how long it took me to find you?” I’m not ok with that. I’ve been the person desperately searching for relief of my fatigue and brain fog-living in my pajamas. I remember getting on a three-month wait list in hopes the doctor could help me, but not even being sure.  Years later, I know now that there are millions of people suffering just like I was. Unnecessarily suffering.  I want to Modern Thyroid Clinic to be a place for those people, women, men, mothers, grandmothers and children.

There’s hope, believe me. We want to take away the barriers of treatment. We want to become a place that people can easily find for help. But we also want them to be able to get in immediately without having to wait. For this reason we are training other like-minded clinicians in our methodology of treatment. We are replicating what we do to expand access for as many people possible, because I know first hand what it's like to get your life back.

It’s really that simple, we are dedicated to giving people with hypothyroidism their lives back.  Come see us, and let us help you get back yours.


Our Method

We take a functional medicine approach to thyroid treatment.  Though we individualize treatment for each patient, our general standards include a full round of detailed thyroid labs, see below for specifics. We listen. We frequently and almost ubiquitously use medications which include some T3, whether in the form of natural desiccated thyroid or compounded, as we have found those to be the most successful in garnering true symptom relief. We tailor treatment to each patient's needs according to their labs and the symptoms they are experiencing. We value the input of our patients and emphasize getting them relief from their symptoms, not just correcting their lab values.


Ron Manzanero, MD

Dr. Manzanero graduated from the University of Texas Medical Branch in 1984 and completed his residency training in Family Medicine in 1990 at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center.   His interest in alternative holistic medicine began in his pre-med days in college.  Since becoming a medical doctor, Dr. Manzanero has spent many years studying nutrition, functional medicine, intravenous therapies, and completed a 4 year masters course in classical homeopathy.  His speciality is in functional endocrinology with a focus on hypothyroidism.
His hobbies are in jazz guitar, martial arts, hiking, and the study of world religions and spiritual paths.

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McCall McPherson, PA-C

Hi, I'm McCall. You can find more about my academic accomplishments below, but I thought I'd start with the more interesting stuff. You can get a more in-depth understanding of who I am and how I practice on my website at
I ended up in this fascinating niche of medicine for a few reasons. The most profound was my own case of hypothyroidism, that I simply could not get managed and left me almost non-functional for more than 6 months. Repeatedly I went to my doctor begging for help, asking that he look deeper than my TSH which was “normal,” even though I was 27 years old and literally going to bed at 3:30 in the afternoon, not to mention I had almost every last symptom of hypothyroidism. It wasn’t until I learned that thyroid disorders are much more complex to diagnose and treat than a simple TSH and levothyroxine, that I got my life back. Years later for obvious reasons, my passion runs deep for solving people's thyroid problem; it's my jam and my life’s calling.
Professionally speaking, I'm a licensed and nationally certified Physician Assistant with prescriptive authority. I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor's Degree from Texas State University in Psychology in San Marcos, Texas. I then packed up my bags and moved to New York City to earn a Master’s Degree as well as an additional Bachelor’s degree in Physician Assistant Studies at Mercy and began my certification from the prestigious Institute for Functional Medicine in 2015.
I love and live in Austin, with my two daughters. In my free time I enjoy running, live music, yoga, hiking and camping.

Sara Klopp Thyroid

Sara Klopp PA-C

My name is Sara Klopp, and I've been a practicing PA since graduating from the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine in 2003.  I received my Masters in Public Health, Physician Associate studies, and I feel so fortunate to work in medicine.  However, for years I have wished I could do even more to help my patients feel better.  I have worked for six years in primary care in a rural setting, four years in the specialty of gastroenterology, and three years in internal medicine.  I found I had many patients that battled with the same symptoms of fatigue, depression, difficulty loosing weight, etc.  I was constantly trying to figure out how else I could "fix" them when their labs would come back "normal" and we had already gone down several different avenues.  In my search to do more for my patients, I discovered the integrative medicine approach, which is patient-centered, not disease-centered.  I have found my calling, and it has been a true joy watching and helping people come out of the fog, so to speak, by looking at their symptoms from a functional approach.  At Modern Medicine, we dig deeper to find the root cause of your symptoms, and I especially enjoy helping patients get the most optimal thyroid management possible.  Working in a field where I experience the pleasure of helping others is such a gift, and I look forward to working with you.  In my spare time, I enjoy Austin's outdoor and music scene, which brought me here in 2004.  I also enjoy volunteering with an Alzheimer's respite program at Town Lake YMCA.

What are your rates?

McCall McPherson PA-C:

New Patient Appointments: $450 and are 60 minutes.

Follow up appointments with lab review: $275.00 and are 30 minutes

For extensive lab review (reviewing labs for three or more "systems," for example, hormones, thyroid and food allergies) $350 and 45 minutes

Follow up appointments without labs:  $200 and are 15 minutes.

Additional time is billed in rates of $100 per 15 minutes.

Hourly Rate: $400 per hour


Dr. Manzanero and Sara Klopp PA-C:

New Patient Appointments: $400 and run between 60-75 minutes.

Hourly rate $300 per hour

Follow up appointments with lab review: $200.00 and are 30-45 minutes

Follow up appointments without labs:  $150 and are 30 minutes or less.

Additional time is billed in rates of $75 per 15 minutes.

Do you prescribe natural desiccated thyroid like Armour, WP Thyroid, Nature-Throid?

Though we don't conform to one-size-fits-all thyroid management, we do find that these types of medications, or other medications that include t3 in them, often work best for patients. We do a full analysis of how each person's thyroid is functioning and base treatment on that but in short, we are a fan of natural desiccated thyroid.

Check out Why Synthroid Doesn't Work on our You Tube channel.

What labs do you check?

In general, labs we order for hypothyroid include TSH, free T4, free T3, reverse T3, and TPO and thyroglobulin antibodies. When necessary, we add more labs to this basic panel.

Do you see patients by phone/tele-medicine?

We are so excited to offer virtual and tele-medicine visits at Modern Thyroid Clinic. If you are in the state of Texas you can be seen virtually 100% of the time with no need to come into the office. If you are out of the state or country, contact the office for more information on how to become our patient!