Patient Portal Instructions - Established Patients

Patient Portal Link 

We have recently transitioned to a new medical records system that will allow you to have access to all of your medical information including your lab results, lab orders and appointment instructions through a patient portal.  We are no longer sending out copies of lab results or appointment instructions because you can now access those via the patient portal at your convenience. You will also use the patient portal to fill out the Appointment Update Form that is required before each follow-up appointment with your provider.

In order to gain access to your portal, click HERE and then click on CREATE PATIENT PORTAL ACCOUNT to set up your patient portal account if you haven’t already done so.  Once you have logged into the portal, you will need to complete the following steps:

STEP ONE:  Contact Info / Profile Picture

  • Click on MY ACCOUNT DETAILS and update all of your contact information.

  • You can skip the insurance info since we do not file claims.

  • Please upload a profile picture - this is REALLY helpful for us since there are so many of you!

STEP TWO:  Pharmacies

  • Click on MY PHARMACIES.

  • Add a REGULAR pharmacy and a COMPOUNDING pharmacy (yes, 2 different pharmacies) where you would like for us to send your prescriptions.

  • Compounding pharmacies make speciality medications such as hormones, ie: testosterone or progesterone.

STEP THREE:  Appointment Update Form / Consents & Agreements 


  • Electronically sign and initial all of the forms listed under NEW PATIENT CONSENT FORMS & POLICY AGREEMENTS, even if you have already done them in the past. This will help us have everything updated in your chart in our new system.

  • You do NOT need to fill out any of the New Patient Questionnaires.

  • Only fill out the Qsymia or Release of Information form as needed, if applicable.

  • You can access your lab results and lab orders by clicking on LABS & DOCUMENTS.

STEP FOUR:  Appointment Summary (Instructions)

  • After your appointments, you will find your instructions in your portal under MY APPOINTMENT SUMMARIES.

  • You will receive a notice from the system when your instructions have been posted to your portal so no need to keep logging in to check on the status.