Instructions for New Patients

Thank you for choosing Modern Thyroid Clinic to guide you through your health and wellness journey.  After reviewing all of our pricing and frequently asked questions, if you’ve decided that you’d like to book an appointment with one of our providers, please call our office to start the new patient process. You’ll be asked some basic information by one of our team members and then you’ll receive an email from our system with a link to set up a patient portal account. Your patient portal is where you will complete our new patient paperwork and consent forms by following the steps below.

Once you have completed all of the new patient paperwork, you can then contact our office again to officially book an appointment.

STEP ONE:  Contact Info / Profile Picture

  • Click on MY ACCOUNT DETAILS and fill in all of your contact information.

  • Upload a PROFILE PICTURE so we’ll know who to look for at your first appointment.

  • You can skip the insurance info since we do not file claims and won’t need it.

STEP TWO:  New Patient Intake Forms 


  • Complete all of the forms listed under NEW PATIENT QUESTIONNAIRES.

  • Complete all of the forms listed under NEW PATIENT CONSENT FORMS & POLICY AGREEMENTS.

  • Do not fill out any other forms listed for established patients.

STEP THREE:  Pharmacies

  • Click on MY PHARMACIES.

  • Add a REGULAR pharmacy and a COMPOUNDING pharmacy (yes, 2 pharmacies) where you would like for us to send your prescriptions.

  • Compounding pharmacies make speciality medications such as hormones, like testosterone or progesterone.

STEP FOUR:  Past Medical Documents

  • Click on LABS & DOCUMENTS

  • You can upload any past medical documents that you would like to include in your chart for your provider to review. Please limit your records to those within the last 1-2 years only. If you providers needs more info, they’ll ask for it.