Pricing for McCall McPherson, PA-C

NEW PATIENT PACKAGE ($600 *for McCall McPherson New Patient Appts ONLY*)

Because of increased demand, we have changed the way we are doing McCall’s new patient appointments so that you can begin your treatment sooner. 

We are now offering a New Patient Package (*for McCall’s patients ONLY*) to minimize your waiting time in between your first intake appointment and your follow-up lab review appointment. Your first appointment (New Patient Appointment #1) will be a 30-minute VIRTUAL VISIT with Hayley Adams, our certified Health Coach and Patient Coordinator. She will oversee your intake evaluation and order any labs you need to have drawn. Also, during your visit with Hayley, she will schedule your actual appointment with McCall (New Patient Appointment #2)

In between these two appointments, you’ll get your labs done so that when you have your 45-minute New Patient Appointment #2 with McCall, she can go over the results with you and immediately begin your treatment plan. No more waiting 3 months to see McCall, then get labs done and wait another 6 weeks to have a lab review appointment with her. Now, we can get you started on your treatment plan much faster than before.  The total cost for a New Patient Package is $600 and while that may sound like a hefty price, that's actually a $150 savings from our old pricing structure! 

New Patient Appt Package: $600 ($150 Appt #1 w/ Hayley 30 mins, $450 Appt #2 w/ McCall 45 mins)

Office: Follow-Up with Labs: $300 - 30 minutes

Phone or Virtual: Follow-Up with Labs: $275.00 - 30 minutes

Phone: Follow-Up with Labs:  $200 - 15 minutes *only for patients who are feeling relatively well, have thyroid & hormones labs only, who just need a quick check-in w/ McCall & have minimal questions to ask*

Office, Phone or Virtual: Follow-Up No Labs: $200 - 30 minutes

Phone: Follow-Up No Labs: $150 - 15 minutes

Additional Time: $150 per 15 minutes

Pricing for Sara Klopp, PA-C

At your initial 75-minute New Patient appointment with Sara, you will discuss your history, lifestyle, and symptoms in-depth, and she will start formulating a plan for you.  Sara will order any necessary and comprehensive labs to include a FULL thyroid panel and antibodies to further investigate your concerns.  This is followed by a 30-45 minute visit to follow up on any initial suggestions, discuss your lab results in detail, and continue to formulate the best individualized treatment plan for you. Evaluating depression, fatigue, anxiety, weight gain, hormonal and GI issues, etc. involves so much more than just a TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) test, and Sara is here for you! 

New Patient Appointments: $400 - 75 minutes.

Follow-Up with Labs: $200 - 30-45 minutes

Follow-Up No Labs:  $150 - 30 minutes or less.

Additional Time: $75 per 15 minutes

Pricing for Melody Volz, NP

New Patient Appointments: $400 - 75 minutes.

Follow-Up with Labs: $200 - 45 minutes

Follow-Up No Labs:  $150 - 30 minutes

Follow-Up with Labs (previous Oak Hill patients ONLY): - 30 minutes * must be established patient w/ Melody at Oak Hill Medical Clinic*

Additional Time: $75 per 15 minutes