Introducing Modern Thyroid Clinic, the Who, What and Why!!

Modern Thyroid Clinic Answer for Hypothyroidism

Our answer to hypothyroidism.

I think the mistreatment of thyroid patients is one of the biggest healthcare crises in our country.  Sounds like a bold statement but consider this, with the current method of diagnosis I estimate people actually suffer from hypothyroidism from an average of a decade before their TSH finally drifts far enough out of range to be diagnosed.  In those 10 years people become exhausted and mentally cloudy, making work extremely difficult, they begin to have elevated blood sugar and cholesterol, leading them to be put on diabetes and statin medications. They become depressed, which is the number one reason for disability in our country. When is our healthcare system as a whole going to start paying attention?

Luckily, there are authors, pharmacists and physicians in the public eye speaking out boldly yelling, “there is a better way!”  We need that. These people needlessly suffering don’t know there’s another way. A way to get them their life back.  How can they seek it out if they don’t even know it exists?  As a thyroid patient myself who suffered for 6 months while literally begging my doctor for help, to no avail, I will be eternally grateful for these women carrying the torch for us all. 

But there has been a second barrier keeping us sick. Even when people get the knowledge they so desperately need to advocate for themselves, it’s tremendously difficult to find someone to help them navigate the complex course of optimal thyroid treatment.  As I’ve seen these patients over the years, ones who have flown to see me from out of state or even out of the country, the one thing they repeatedly tell me is “it took me too long to find you.” “You’re my 16th doctor I’ve tried.”  “I spent 80 hours researching before I found your name.”

We're on a mission to change this. In my lifetime I want to see this problem solved. We want people to be able to easily find someone to help them.

I’m tired of all of these people needlessly suffering.

 So from this frustration, hope, progress, Dr. Ron Manzanero and I give you Modern Thyroid Clinic.  A place for hope and healing for those suffering from even the most complex thyroid issues.  Where people who think they are condemned to a lifetime hypothyroid symptoms can rediscover life in the way it should be.  I could not be more excited to embark on this journey with you.  This was built from the pleas of my patients. I hear you, stand with you and commit to helping escort medicine into the new tomorrow of thyroid treatment.

We are getting close to getting things up and running for Modern Thyroid Clinic and for now, you may schedule appointments for it at our Modern Medicine office locations in both Austin and Kerrville.  You can keep posted as things progress on our Facebook Page Modern Thyroid Clinic.

-Be well and strong,                                    

McCall McPherson PA-C


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